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Judith believes that good design does not scream at you.  She believes good design envelopes you when you enter a space and  embraces you with it's vibe.  That vibe varies from one home or office to the next and can range from energetic & invigorating to calming & welcoming.

With a background that spans the design space and the corporate world, and as a busy mother two, Judith has a unique understanding of how important space is to efficiency and emotion. 

Passionate about good design she studied jewellery design and art before choosing Interiors as her focus.  Having  worked extensively in Europe and Australia her unique aesthetic and equal love for the positive and negative space is ever present.

Judith combines her straightforward approach and practical knowledge to bring you a space that feels completely your own.  And her understanding and sense of humour make the process as stress free as possible.


Judith is also the Founder and Creative Director of both Havana Home and Abode Bazaar.

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