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Creating the perfect gallery photo wall

How to create the perfect photo display wall.

We are lucky enough to be able to choose  which photos we love before we print them, we can apply filters that highlight the positives and we can remove that annoying person in the background.  With this ability to curate our photos it is also worth taking the time to plan how we display them. 

Gone are the photo walls that our mums had.  You know the large frames with lots of different shapes cut out to hold family memories. Today’s photo wall tends to be a carefully chosen collection of our happiest moments.  

The question a lot of us have is how on earth do we create the perfect display of our favourite photos?  To be honest, if you want a beautiful showing there are a few surefire ways to make this happen and a few questions you need to ask yourself before you begin.

Setting the Mood

Spend a little time thinking about how you want the photo wall to make you and your guests feel?  And how that fits in with your decorating style.  For instance, if you have a scandi vibe in muted colours then you probably don’t want to add photos that are saturated with colour but likewise pure black and white won’t be a great fit.  Are you wanting your wall to have a sense of fun, sense of glamour or a bit of both like a great party?

Choosing the best photos for your photo wall.

To create a wall that is easy on the eye but also a little quirky try to choose images that tell a bit of a story and work together.  The story of your family, or a great trip with friends or a highlight reel of your life - everything is up for grabs.  Choose photos that have similar colours or tone or black & white.  If you have some treasured memento that fits that brief too - don’t be afraid to frame it and include in your collection.

How do I choose frames?

The frames can really make or break the photo wall and there are a few things to consider.  If you are choosing new frames then a simple black, white or timber will suit most.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that white is a foolproof option.  If you have dark walls or completely white walls then a white frame will either jump out at you or fade away.  Don’t be afraid to use frames with a bit of detail but make sure that they follow the same rules as the photos and have some consistency in colour or shape.

Of course size matters and you need to need to choose what size works best for you.

How do I choose which wall for my photo wall?

The first thing to consider is do you want guests to be able to see your photo wall or is it just for your own enjoyment?  Then think about the space you have available and if you want to be able to change the photos around occasionally?

If you want guests to see your photos then hang them somewhere that people will either stand in front of or walk past.  Near the front door is a favourite spot or maybe on the wall opposite the bathroom.

Do it right the first time

Unless you are a keen crafter you might find the next step a bit tedious but trust me this will make your life so much easier in the end.

Grab some butcher’s paper from the newsagent or Officeworks and make a huge paper model of your space - tape it together.  Lie the paper on the floor and carefully arrange all your photos on the paper spaced evenly.  This is where you can move them around and try different spacings.

Once you are happy with the way your display looks take a quick photo for reference.  

The next step is grab a lead pencil and outline your pictures on the paper, also mark where the hook will need to be placed.  Once you have done this - tape your piece of paper wall to the wall - making sure that it is level.

The next bit is easy - grab a hammer and add your hooks.  Once your hooks are in place you take away the paper wall and hang your photos - all in exactly the right place.  MAGIC.

And there you have it, everything you need to know to make the perfect display for your photo wall.

Have fun xx

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